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The Ruins of Ciore

The Ruins of Ciore

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Evermore_Eternal By Evermore_Eternal Updated Jan 09, 2011

Long ago, a sanctuary of sorts was built- in case of armageddon. The world got close. After a nuclear war, very few survivors remain- and strangely, all of them are under the age of 17. However, a larger group of children led by Jasmine and Seth has managed to rebuild what little civilization they could, but they face many adversaries. Mutant animals, unidentified illnesses, and shortages of food plague them, and their only hope is a rumor- the eerie city on the horizon is said to be a storage of all the provisions they'll ever need. The catch? The city is a labyrinth, and a key is needed to get through it. Only one person knows where- and what- the key is and that's Danielle, but she's been missing for three days. To top it off, some kids have suddenly developed "talents", a mysterious second group of survivors has been discovered, and an emotional side begins to make its precense known. Are they up to rebuilding their lives and adapting to a strange new world?

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