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My thug

My thug

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Laurynn77doe By Laurynn77doe Updated Oct 29, 2013

Teonna is an 18 yr old girl with a complicated life with her dad being the biggest drug lord in Atlanta and her mom being a crack head but what happens when she meets jaylen the thug with all the hoes

bahlin_kid bahlin_kid Jul 26, 2016
This how y'all kno she dnt live in Atlanta Cz Washington is APS  come visit down here in the A boo we lit asf
LoveThyNy24 LoveThyNy24 Mar 02, 2016
lmao rolling at these comments 😂 “High waisted shirt" I'm weakkk.
LoveThyNy24 LoveThyNy24 Mar 02, 2016
That girl mixed with dumb and dumber thinking she pregnant when all she did was give you head 😭😂
DvpeThug DvpeThug Oct 12, 2015
@trackbacks birch stud yA can't spell too so stfu hat in ass
DvpeThug DvpeThug Oct 12, 2015
@JameshaJ girl preach I say dat in we book I read like if yA don't like it stop mg reason but yA telling da truth
og_daeeee og_daeeee Sep 04, 2014
@kiramalik no she said "high waisted purple SHIRT" r u talking about...some damn shoes...she said nothing about some shoes.....