sarah smiles. - spam

sarah smiles. - spam

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naomi By jollyian Updated 10 hours ago

"smeegle ba toob?" he asked. gru smiled. he was gonna smeegle daves tube all right. "dave. come here." dave innocently waddled over to gru, wondering why he was down in the middle of the night. 

"take off your overalls,  skank." dave understood now, and sexily wriggled his yellow buttplug shaped body out of his jort like overalls. gru put his veiny hook shaped chode inside Dave's gaping asshole. he felt as though he were  fucking a squash, and he loved every second of it. it brought back memories of thanksgiving with grandma, and he felt his erection grow stronger. 

the other minions grew curious. stuart grabbed a banana and started inserting it into his asshole.

"keep doing that stuart," gru moaned while pounding dave from behind. stuart obeyed, occasionally crying out "baNANA!!!"

the minions all wanted to join in, and eventually the canned little twinkies began fucking each other in a beautiful, goggle filled orgy.

the end.

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