He Became Mine  (Jovani Jara fan fic)

He Became Mine (Jovani Jara fan fic)

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Litzy jara By voidgoonsquad Updated Oct 06, 2016

Y/n: *wakes up* ugh the first day of school why do I even bother going it's not like Jessica is going to be there *y/n gets off her bed and gets ready for school 
Mom: y/n hurry up ur going to be late 
Y/n: I going mom *leaves home* *23 mins walking towards school* *y/n goes inside the building to find her locker*
Y/n: *in ur head* I gues I'm going to be alone today *sighs then turns to the left* who is that guy he's really cute *turns quickly* omg did he see me staring I sure hope not *closes locker the goes to class* 
Y/n: *walks to clas looking at her schedule* 
Ok so my first class is social studies 
Jessica : *yelling* hey Y/n 
Y/n:looks up OMG ur here *hugs Jessica* *both of u walk to class and sit next to each other* 
Y/n: *whispering* hey u see that guy? 
Jessica:who the new guy?
Y/n: oh he's new well yeah him 
Jessica:what about him 
Y/n don't u think he's cute 
Jessica: *looking at u with a confused face*
Y/n:*staring at the new guy* why do I even ask *turns around and see J...

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