The Boxer And The Ballerina

The Boxer And The Ballerina

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I Write Love Stories By WriteWayGirl Updated Jan 10, 2015

They were an odd pair.   
Different in every way.  
They had nothing in common, what could they possibly bond over?  

With the typical couple, your relationship is built on how well you work with each other, how well you fit into each, how compatible you are.   

Well- with Stephany and Alex, it was a matter of learning.   Nothing came easy to these two, it wasn't love at first sight, they didn't get the spark the first time they kissed, their not from the same background or share even the slightest of a common interest. 
With Stephany and Alex, everything had to be learned.  And you're thinking "it'll never last."  or you're wondering "How do you build a relationship like that?"  

well, here's your answer.  Meet the Boxer and the Ballerina.  "Love is funny... it works in mysterious ways."

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zerobs5867 zerobs5867 Nov 30, 2017
googled where to find ppl like this and it turns out... they dont exist they are only in legends
Yes me too but only when I'm inside my house watching movie by myself
BABYDOLL_07 BABYDOLL_07 Dec 05, 2017
So she’s the boxer and he’s the ballerina?!!! Awwwww❤️
NinaKomnenic NinaKomnenic Feb 07, 2016
I swear if the main male smokes I am so done with this book.
NinaKomnenic NinaKomnenic Feb 07, 2016
Can I just say something? No offense to y'all,but for me I kinda sounds like a depressed world, But that's just my opinion ion considering I love summer and the sun :)
fluffershy2050 fluffershy2050 Dec 19, 2015
I love the rain but I hate when it's sunny and warm because it's just too much heat
                              Also when it's hot outside I feel cold
                              And when it's cold outside I sweat