My Fathers Bestfriend

My Fathers Bestfriend

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mackenzie123453 By mackenzie123453 Updated Feb 20, 2014

[please read!! its my first book on here!]


            CHAPTER 1 


    "Wake up Madison!!" my mom yelled from the other room. I look at the clock and its 6:30 in the morning. WAY to early!  

  "why the fuck are you waking me up so early?!? I yell back.

  "I cant tell you, you will just have to see." I finally wake up about 5 minues after my mom told me to get up and trugged over to the bathroom and took a nice warm shower to wake me up.

       I dont put  much makeup on except some mascara, because I like how I look. I keep my hair natural, which is really curly, and I put on some holister shorts with a nice blue tanktop. 

      Right as I get done packing my mom yells from downstairs, "time to go!!"

      I grab all my luggage and hurry downstairs to the car. I still didnt understand why I had to get up so early. 

     "omg how long is this ride? are we going to china or something?!

     "we've only been in the car for an hour. and plus we are almost there so calm down...

Bad_zee Bad_zee Mar 24, 2017
uhh it is actaully creepy for a guy u just met to ask to come kiss them i dont see romance in this
MmmmAlgo MmmmAlgo Sep 19, 2017
Pls slow down... Feels and express your character  in your storyline, i know you could do it!  Good luck!
Jocelynhannah17 Jocelynhannah17 May 30, 2016
Woah this is so weird I just read a book like this and his name was Alex
LizzyJ506 LizzyJ506 Jun 02, 2015
this is an imitation of a book i read same concept with a mom taking her daughter to her father who she hasn't seen for a while cant u come up with anything original?
meandmomrforev12377j meandmomrforev12377j Apr 28, 2015
This is just like another story I mean u few miner changes but the same did u copy
okokhaley okokhaley Mar 12, 2015
@Snicker1Doodles she copied you ps I liked yours better @Snicker1Doodles