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The IAYN- A Books of Lessaenes Roleplay

The IAYN- A Books of Lessaenes Roleplay

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Selaeyah Valior By SelaeyahValior Updated Dec 21, 2016

Welcome to the Lessaenite Empire's highest performing boarding school, the Imperial Academy for Young Nobles! Here, you will make friends with other teenagers of noble status, learn to be a good Lessaenite, and of course, have a great time. 

Keep an eye out for familiar Lessaenites, and who knows? You could spot a royal. After all, this is the IAYN.

Jewelwing23 Jewelwing23 Sep 11, 2016
Name: Vasilisa Esyu
                              Grade: 10
                              Background: Vasilisa is an only child, likes reading, really sarcastic, and annoyed easily. Scientist Clan, distant cousin of Selaeyah Valior (If I'm allowed to be)
                              Electives: Death Arts, Aurology, Aural Warfare.
multifandomedme multifandomedme Sep 06, 2016
Name: Athenia Vyren
                              Grade: 7
                              Background: Mother is well-known for her wealth in the Warrior clan, has two younger brothers. Smart and sassy, is outgoing and makes friends easily.
                              Electives: Aurology, Intergalatic Studies, Fashion
JustAGirlInDisguise JustAGirlInDisguise Nov 22, 2016
Name: Ruby (last name unknown)
                              Grade: 11
                              Background: Ruby has a lot of secrets, secrets that could get her killed if anyone knew.
                              Electives: Intergalactic Studies and Aurology.
Dragon_Writer993 Dragon_Writer993 Sep 05, 2016
Name: Allyina Felyn
                              Background: Her parents are in the artist clan, and her mom I hit it big in the music department,
                              Electives: Fashion and Intergalactic studies
PrincessJadea PrincessJadea Nov 22, 2016
Name: Eleraesha Sadoelen 
                              Grade: 8th
                              Background: Her parents are nobles from the Artist clan. 
                              Electives: Aural warfare
RedReality RedReality Sep 11, 2016
Is there anyone from the Phandom here? Because I'm fangirling over the name Tabitha.