Deceiving (Hood Story)

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Avya Care'Less Brutus By cocobaddd Updated 2 years ago
19 Year old Ashley Houston was on the verge of losing it all. Her mother died of a drug overdose & her father died of AIDS when Ashley was only 7 years old. Put into foster care, transferred from home to home she eventually realized it was her time to make it out on her own, introduced to the world of fast money & sex Ashley quickly became a product of prostitution & didn't mind making you feel good for a couple bucks... She began stripping at one of Miami's finest gentlemen's club Rolex where she met the love of her life Quemani Gibson. Que was a well known hit man on the streets of Miami projects north miami through over town. Females were crazy over que's existence & he admired the attention he receives. Will the money, drugs & other females sabotage Ashley's trust for Que or will her new prodigy Antwuan change her mind & take her from her man?
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