Tension// Neymar Jr.

Tension// Neymar Jr.

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"Ah, yes, Meet Johan, he is a bartender, Johan meet my friends Leo and Neymar, Neymar's very attractive trust me I know, but don't sleep with him, cause you just met him" I tell Johan warningly.

"How much did she drink?" Leo asked immediately worried while Neymar and Johan laughed.

"10 shots, and one litre of hard liquor" Johan said.

"Shit, how are you not dead from alcohol poisoning?" Leo asked checking me over to make sure I was alright.

"A little poison can't kill me! I mean look at you and Antonella! Love is poison and y'all are fine" I yell.

"Yeah, you're not dead, but you've gone insane" Leo mumbles while helping me

"I am not insane!" I laugh.

"Sure you're not, you just called Neymar attractive. Do you  remember who Neymar is, you called him annoying?" Leo told me.

"Yeah he is annoying, but that doesn't mean he can't be hot" I tap Leo's nose.

"She's actually gone crazy, Antonella's going to kill me for bring her home drunk, could this day get any worse?" Leo asked looking up.

Hello! This is my first book and here are a few things I'd like to say before you read.

1. Please Ignore any grammatical or spelling mistakes, as I have said a few times in this book, English is not my first language. I have had a lot of trouble with the language before, I have improved a lot since then but my English is still pretty bad. Beware!

2. Please don't copy this book! I know that this probably won't happen, but please with a mother ducking cherry on top, don't copy this book, I work very hard on this book, it's my own ideas that go into it. 

Read at your own risk!!

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