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『DEAD Roleplay』- The Resurgence Project

『DEAD Roleplay』- The Resurgence Project

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PAY YO TAXES By Melvinhugs Updated Mar 28

#51 IN SCIENCE-FICTION - 02.09.17
        Its the year 2020. You're all dead. None of you died of natural causes. You've been brought back to life for an experiment called the ❝Resurgence Project❞, an activity to see how clueless the living are, how they respond to different, strange others, an opportunity to give the dead another chance, and a chance to find out secret information. You all look like your old selves, but you're different. You are smarter than the average being, and there is something wrong with you, like you have a prosthetic or mental disease(example: schizophrenia). You keep your old name, and old look. Watch out for people who know you. If you get caught, you will be thrown into the ❝Castigation❞, a punishment life worse than hell. 
          All you remember is your personal information and how you died.
          Good luck, Rusergents.

Lj_2403 Lj_2403 Apr 14
His eyes slowly started to open and he sat up quickly which was a mistake he immediately regreted, the spun and everything seemed different.  "Hello?" He called out warily into the distance.  The last thing he remembered was hearing the beeping of a hospital room and then falling asleep.
David Deathman
                              Rude, loyal, chaotic
                              Black hair, red eyes, pale skin
                              Death, shadows
                              Experiment gone wrong
Alpha Alissa Wolf
                              Trustful, sweet, now a tad bit easy to tick off, always smiling
                              Sweets, candy
                              A murder/Suicide (she was murdered)
                              A brother
                              She can't remember them
"Ugh"Kina rubbed her "head where am I?Oh!im in a tree........30 feet above the ground in a though I died?Jeasus I'm pale as a whale.hehe"Sje started climbing down the big tree but failed and fell 20 feet"aaaaugh"Well owe that hurt.
Imazgeek Imazgeek Mar 12
((Open to anyone))
                              Lisa woke up she was on the side of a road, she looks around and sees no one she knows. She looks behind her and sees a cross. The only thing she could think was 'bear'.
MekoKuro MekoKuro Apr 13
Name! Meko kuro
                              Age! 16
                              Height! 3'2, 6'9 (Depends on RP)
                              Personality! Multiple
                              Looks! Profile pic
                              Likes! Plenty
                              Dislikes! Plenty aswell
                              Cause of death! Mutation. Got dumped in a nuclear waste zone which mutated into a skeleton
                              Year of death! 2005
                              Family! Dead
                              Disorders! Schizophrenia, visions