Loved & Misunderstood (HP) {Book 1 of the Wild & Free Series}

Loved & Misunderstood (HP) {Book 1 of the Wild & Free Series}

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Opening the Chamber of Secrets the previous year is not Liana Potter's only worry: there is a dangerous mass-murderer looking for her and her twin brother. She discovers so much more about her parents and falls in love for the first time...

05/07/2018 - rank 2 in #harrypottersister

Edit: Sorry everybody, the first book in this series (following Liana during the Chamer of Secrets storyline) was deleted from Wattpad and I can't restore it. This will be Book 1 in the series from now on.

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LexiLovesDonuts9000 LexiLovesDonuts9000 Mar 27, 2017
I always read the words "killed me" or "could've killed me" in Bellatrix's voice. Very odd
Awwww trying so hard not to squeal since everyone’s asleep
padfoot_sirius padfoot_sirius Sep 15, 2016
first comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage but that's not all that's not all there's a baby playing basketball
                              I'm immature aswell