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Twin 1&2 By StelAndSel Completed

COMEBACKS! Whenever someone is just treated you bad, it's time to take out this book and use some comebacks! Bring some sense into that person! Comebacks are hilarious and definitely bring that person back to earth! 
              Highest Ranking: #117 in Humor// #27 in Random
              DISCLAIMER: We do not own these comebacks unless written! They all belong to the rightful owners. 
              NOTE: These are not to be used offensively only in a laughing manner! :)
              ENJOY!! xxStelAndSel

Dianahaji Dianahaji May 04
Really excited to start coz honestly I really need those badass comebacks😅😅
Kiwi_bribri Kiwi_bribri Apr 25
Does anybody else notice that Louis is so into it or is it just me?
-voidnewman -voidnewman Feb 03
I have a comeback! It's lame but oh well: 
                              Me: I wrote you a song honey
                              P1: aw that's so nice! Let's here it!
                              Me: when I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change...Except the direction I'm looking...!
king-paten king-paten Jan 04
I have a comeback:
                              "You're so emotionless."
                              "I'm just saving my emotions for people who are worth it."
P1: I'm so beautiful 
                              P2: you look like someone set your face on fire and tried to put it out with a jackhammer
I was talking to this ugly person earlier, oh, wait it was you!