The Supremecy of Dreams

The Supremecy of Dreams

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Paijah By Paijah12_youngwriter Updated Dec 30, 2010


	When I sleep, I dream; When I'm awake and stationary, I have no thoughts. I have the same dream for about two weeks, and then it would switch. Sometimes, I dream a dream for two months at a time. When I sleep, I don't choose what I dream about. Someone else does. I never thought anything of it, until I started dreaming of death. My last dream of death, was my death. Someone was trying to tell me something. Was my dreaming of death putting my life in danger, and pain in my life?   			

			                                                                                                  CHAPTER ONE			

	"Everything seemed so, familiar. Like, I was meant to be there, ya 'know. Just, it felt like it was home, but, it wasn't. My mom was there, and so was Jimmy and my dad.  You were there, along with Kendra and Ryan. We were all having so much fun." I'd been talking to Andrea for a couple hours now. I was telling her, with many details, about my reoccurring dream I'd been having for...