What if...? (Warrior theories)

What if...? (Warrior theories)

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♚actually shook ♚ By Jayfeather4evers Updated Jul 23, 2016

What if?

What if Dustpelt never existed?

What if Bluestar was a tom?

What if Spottedleaf was a warrior?

Ask here!

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WhiskeyAndWalkers WhiskeyAndWalkers Jul 27, 2016
I have one: What If DoveWing was never born and IvyPool was CloudTails only child? :3
EchoWritesWarriorz EchoWritesWarriorz Jul 01, 2016
What if Rusty (Firestar)Joined a different  clan?
                              What if Sliverstream survived and Graystirpe died (somehow)?
                              What if Jayfeather wasn't  blind?
RunningSoul3 RunningSoul3 Jul 19, 2016
What if: 
                              Swiftpaw survived?
                              Leafpool and Crowfeather really didn't come back?
                              Spottedleaf wasn't murdered?
Night_Meow Night_Meow Jul 02, 2016
What if Ivypool sided with the Dark Forest in the Great Battle?
                              What if Mapleshade's secret was never found out?
qluvio qluvio Jul 01, 2016
What if Firestar died fighting Graystripe when they first meet? 
                              What if Smudge went instead of Firestar? 
                              What if Sandstorm was a tom?
Night_Meow Night_Meow Jul 01, 2016
What if Hawkfrost became leader instead of Mistyfoot/star? ÕWÕ