What if...? (Warrior theories)

What if...? (Warrior theories)

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♚actually shook ♚ By Jayfeather4evers Updated Jul 23, 2016

What if?

What if Dustpelt never existed?

What if Bluestar was a tom?

What if Spottedleaf was a warrior?

Ask here!

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WhiskeyAndWalkers WhiskeyAndWalkers Jul 27, 2016
I have one: What If DoveWing was never born and IvyPool was CloudTails only child? :3
EchoWritesWarriorz EchoWritesWarriorz Jul 01, 2016
What if Rusty (Firestar)Joined a different  clan?
                              What if Sliverstream survived and Graystirpe died (somehow)?
                              What if Jayfeather wasn't  blind?
RunningSoul3 RunningSoul3 Jul 19, 2016
What if: 
                              Swiftpaw survived?
                              Leafpool and Crowfeather really didn't come back?
                              Spottedleaf wasn't murdered?
Night_Meow Night_Meow Jul 02, 2016
What if Ivypool sided with the Dark Forest in the Great Battle?
                              What if Mapleshade's secret was never found out?
_vxlpeculae _vxlpeculae Jul 01, 2016
What if Firestar died fighting Graystripe when they first meet? 
                              What if Smudge went instead of Firestar? 
                              What if Sandstorm was a tom?
Night_Meow Night_Meow Jul 01, 2016
What if Hawkfrost became leader instead of Mistyfoot/star? ÕWÕ