Wooing the Ex-Wife

Wooing the Ex-Wife

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Sarcastic Brunette By TheSarcasticBrunette Updated Dec 05

Liza was finally happy. She had a great family, a job she loved and she was finally free of all the pain. What will happen when she will come face to face with  Jonathan, the man who had broken her heart, the man she loved and had left behind ?  Liza claims to have forgiven him but can you ever truly forgive someone who has broken your heart? 

Jonathan had made a grave mistake four years ago. A  mistake that had costed him the love of his life.  When he comes face to face with Liza  four years later, will he try to win her back or will he let her go, just like he did years ago ?

Can Liza and Jonathan find a way to be together again or are they be fated to be apart forever? 

Find out all this in this sequel to 'Letters from an  Ex- Wife'

Cover credit: @damn-daniel
p.s. If you are not a fan of Liza + Jonathan, you might want to skip the book, and if you are okay with it, then read on :)

P.s.  This is going to be a book where they get their happy ending together, so if you are looking for some other
 storyline then I sincerely request you to  ignore this book and consider the last book as a stand alone. Don't get me wrong, Liza won't be running into Jonathan's arms and will be giving shit for all that he has done to her but it will end with them making up.

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Pecsol Pecsol Aug 27
Yup. Thought is was her wedding and thought ok this book is going to be one of those when they forgive each  other and end up friends😕😳.  Well.... it's only the beginning.  Let's see what happens next🤗
abidaa666 abidaa666 Jul 20
I thought this was Johnathon's and Liza wedding from the past....oh no.
I thought it might have been, though I was hoping it wasn't.
"Whatever you say. I know I am attractive." If someone I'd literally only just met said that to me, I'd just give them a blank look and walk away without a word. Confidence is attractive, narcissism is not.
Jinjoka Jinjoka Sep 11, 2016
Tku u somuch. I hope in this book they will come together.Nice story!!!!
rovamwere rovamwere Jun 18, 2016
Yes, I did.... Then I thought maybe Alice, thank you for updating.... I was surprised and excited to see the sequel...