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Superhero Book Club By SHBookClub Updated May 26

Superhero adventures have been rising in popularity among the world. They're not only the most purchased comic books, but they've also achieved countless records on cinema's ticket sales. So, yeah, superheroes are in the spotlight!

This Book Club has the purpose of helping to make undiscovered stories discovered, to share the same love for MARVEL, DC Comics and original superheroes and earn positive feedback on your stories (and maybe true readers...?)

Welcome to the Superhero BC!

Note: This book club has been put on monthly updates.

baylynn15 baylynn15 Mar 30
I have several favorites, but I'm going to go with Spider-Man because that was the first superhero movie I can remember watching
-spacedork- -spacedork- Jun 18, 2016
I can't choose! Captain America? Scarlet Witch? Black Widow? Or maybe Ms. Marvel? Or Squirrel Girl? One of the Hawkeyes? Miss America? AAHHHHHH! I CAN'T CHOOSE
-marveltastic -marveltastic Jun 10, 2016
I can't decide my favorite super hero bc they bring their own little touch to everything but the top runners are Captain Anerica, Ironman, Star Lord, or Spider Man!!
The Wolverine but honestly I do like every Marvel superhero!
TravelingOverseas TravelingOverseas Aug 12, 2016
I'll get my other fanfic account for this one!!! Tagging myself @MarvelsMrsBarnes
bringonthecoffee bringonthecoffee Jun 10, 2016
Well, I'm looking for books to read about superheroes and it's so difficult to find good ones. I'd love any recommendations.