I'm Back Bitches

I'm Back Bitches

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dxpe_nerd By dxpe_nerd Updated Sep 25, 2013


My name is Bella Morte Daniels. I have a brother and a sister. Lucas and Layla Daniels. I'm a sixteen year old werewolf. And guess what. I'm bullied almost everyday. The only reason I'm not their slave, is simply because my mom and dad wouldn't allow. My sister and I have an awesome relationship, but my brother just does like any other jock at my school. THE MOFO BULLIES ME. His own sister. They bully me for being over weight and smart. I fight back, but come on, what can I say. Words hurts like hell.

I can't wait to find my mate. The boy who'll love me for me and stand by my side. I just hope after finding him everything will work out for me.

Laylaplatterpus Laylaplatterpus Jun 20, 2017
My names Layla Cruz and my brothers name is Lucas Mendoza how weird😂😂
takemeaway432 takemeaway432 Jul 25, 2016
Um before u use that word u should really get ti know the meabing of it cause im  pretty sure its means someone who sleeps around and that definalty defines u not her
takemeaway432 takemeaway432 Jul 25, 2016
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words are what truly hurt me
CrazyRosie725 CrazyRosie725 May 23, 2016
Mason motherfucking carter?? Is that is middle name or what?😉
I_love_IM5 I_love_IM5 Jun 16, 2016
Bitch if you dont like her shirt and say crap about it you will die in Hell whith me!!!!