50 Shades of Sartorius

50 Shades of Sartorius

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Alyssa By smolalysa Updated Nov 13

Ally's POV
Hello my name is Ally and I have hazel eyes and blonde hair with brown tips and I live in California and it's time to go to school and get beat up like usual.
Ally's mom's POV
"Ally come on we have to go it's 6:30" I said
"I'm coming" she said 
she gets into the car and I have a furious face
Ally's POV
"Mom, are you okay?" I said
"Yeah I'm fine, I need to tell you something" she said 
"Okay what?" I said
"We're moving to Virginia" she said 
I couldn't speak I was so stressed I was almost going to pass out 
"Wait, why?" I said breathing heavy
"Because your father has got a business job and wants to move there" she said 
After that happened we were at school 
"We're leaving tomorrow after school" she said
"Okay bye mom" I said 


"Mom where are you?" I thought to myself
I see my mom pull up at school and she says 
"How was your day?"
"Good i guess" I said hesitated 
"Is everything okay?" She said
Yes everything is fine" I said
"Okay, just making s...

doseofquinn doseofquinn Jun 29
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