musings | book of imagines.

musings | book of imagines.

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kat✨ By -midnights- Updated Oct 17, 2017

sometimes all i want is to be wrapped up in the arms of my favourite in a band, of my favourite actor, of a fictional character i adore.

with imagines, that becomes possible. anything becomes possible. muses from my mind become reality. i feel the soft whispers, the sweet nothings, the gentle touches, the warm embraces.

and so this is where it becomes real.

welcome to my book of imagines, where you can take a step into a world where imagination becomes reality. sorry in advance for your heart.

[i'll take requests of anyone if i like the person {see my profile for my fandoms} and the idea, just private message me. these imagines are for pretty much anyone who i like, or who anyone who requests, likes if i know the celebrity / character enough to write about them.]

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