BubbleGum Boy (Tord X Reader) [Slow Updates]

BubbleGum Boy (Tord X Reader) [Slow Updates]

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M U F F I N R O L L By killerfox900 Updated Nov 29

This is a Tord x reader

After separating with the group for reason you decide to move back to England, since you were on the other side of the world, and Go back to the only friend you remember, Edd.

In this book The End never happened. At least maybe not yet

{Dedicated to Edd Goud

 -Cover art not mine quite obviously
 -I do not own Eddsworld or any of the characters
 -I Only own the book

Y/n- Who are you Bill Cipher?!
                              Tord- *eyes suddenly turn yellow* maybe..... >->..
When Bill Cipher breaks everything again.. God dang it BILL!!
What are you bill cipher? I won't make a deal with you!
                              I laughed so hard
loligirl247 loligirl247 Oct 08
My characters name is loli.... oh god this is gonna get confusing
ahhh... it's good to be Purple Leader...too much fandoms to put referencrs from other fandoms, also purple is my fav color...