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Destyni By Dezzypants Updated 2 years ago
Content of these one-shots/drabbles will be dominantly slash with a hint of this and that.
that's what Dean said to Sam when he touched that cursed bunny feet thing
This one would make a great story. I would definitely read it.
                                    I really enjoyed this one.
                                    There really needs to be more supernatural fan fictions.
                                    Awesome :)
Holy WOW, and you say your other works are better? They've got to be pretty fucking amazing then. I swear, you're my new Wattpad author role model. I want to be able to write as well as you do someday.
I loved your writing style in this story. I wish there was a second part.
Wow, this is such a lovely story. I love the theme, how it deviates from the best friends fall in love, become f*ck buddies, live happily ever after for an entire paragraph, fade to black ... this is nice and affirming, and I liked it a lot!