Worlds Collide (Transfomers)

Worlds Collide (Transfomers)

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Writing... sorta By Arya_Skye Completed

While hunting for a relic, the Autobots get swept into a world that shocks them. They struggle to adapt and realize they could be trapped there forever. 

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After reading I few amazing stories, I wanted to do a crossover between two Transformers universe's.

It would be easier to build time-travel machine than inter-dimensional teleporter xd
                              I think this device was mentioned in MTMTE#2 comic ;D
I love this opening! It sounds so ominous, but is contradicted by the figure watching over them. This is such great imagery!
Jeon_Bias Jeon_Bias Jun 28
Rain is the key. Let's follow Optimus and stand in the rain. XD
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Dec 24, 2016
Why do you capitalize 'old friend'? It's like it's his name XD
Sage_Dragon Sage_Dragon Sep 29, 2016
Well, not everyone can appreciate the renewal rain brings...
                              *looks at Ratchet*
                              lol, this is a great start!
bugyranch bugyranch Feb 03
I can actually see him doing this. He is the kind of person that would do anything to make sure the people he cares about are safe