Worlds Collide (Transfomers)

Worlds Collide (Transfomers)

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... By Arya_Skye Completed

While hunting for a relic, the Autobots get swept into a world that shocks them. They struggle to adapt and realize they could be trapped there forever. 

Don't own anything.

After reading I few amazing stories, I wanted to do a crossover between two Transformers universe's.

  • arcee
  • bulkhead
  • bumblebee
  • optimus
  • prowl
  • rachet
  • transformers
  • transformersanimated
  • transformersprime
BokuNoUranus BokuNoUranus Jul 31, 2017
It would be easier to build time-travel machine than inter-dimensional teleporter xd
                              I think this device was mentioned in MTMTE#2 comic ;D
killerkamen killerkamen Nov 12, 2017
I can see Optimus sitting in a tree like a bird and has his eyes squinted with his lips in a duck face
2ArchAngels 2ArchAngels Nov 15, 2017
Its like Optimus is saying to Ratchet through his optics; "Of course old friend."
2ArchAngels 2ArchAngels Nov 15, 2017
I can understand why he doesn't like rain. I mean the Acid rain on Cybertron must've been horrible.
SacudaRomeave SacudaRomeave Dec 02, 2017
It's Optimus. What do you expect? He's certainly crazy and stubborn, but cute.
Elizas_Candle Elizas_Candle Sep 25, 2017
                              *Only me and my best friend will get this and she doesn't have Wattpad*