Moving On

Moving On

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Dana By SimplyAWriter_D Completed

Death of a loved one; a fear we all have. A fear that came true for Sophia.

John, her husband of five years died and when she goes to the lawyer's office for his will a surprise is in store for her.

A letter written by John to her, when he knew about his upcoming death, brings her to tears but will it encourage her to be strong for the future?

Will it help her move on?

  • death
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RomulusLupin RomulusLupin Jun 02, 2016
Omg !!!!!!!
                              That was beautiful !!!!!
                              I cried like a baby 😿
                              I love you and your books
_isabel_________ _isabel_________ Feb 15, 2015
I thought there would be more chapters. At least that's what I was looking forward to........ Loved it though.
GretaQuintana GretaQuintana Nov 17, 2014
Not to be like mean or anything but I was hoping he would tell her that she can move on like from what he told her I feel like she's just going to be stuck on him forever and never find another man
SupriyaGhateKher SupriyaGhateKher Nov 04, 2014
wow!! I couldn't help crying after reading the letter! so simple words but so heartfelt!!
your books should really get published I mean it made alot of people fall in love with them.......THIS IS SO SAD YET VERY ummmm okay i have no words to describe how wonderful this is
pensandyarn pensandyarn May 03, 2014
I'm not being mean, but it bothers me how the man's expectation is getting a job and the expectation for woman is getting married. not all woman become brides :/. It's okay though because I love you!