A Story Of Sparklings

A Story Of Sparklings

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AndiKane By AndiKaneUnderwood Updated Sep 17, 2017

Transformers Rescue Bots story

When Cody receives a box of failed experiments that aren't supposed to work at all, he thinks nothing of It. Until, that is, an invention that supposed to let you see your baby year, called the Baby Bottler, goes off when the Rescue Bots are in the Bunker. 
Join the Burns family as they find out what it's like to care for Sparkling until the devices effects wear off or Doctor Greene finds a way to fix his device's mistake. 
I take requests.

"This will be an interesting experience." 
-Kade Burns, Of Bots and Baby Sitters

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Bluepulseisotp Bluepulseisotp Nov 20, 2017
If Im tired I would probably just whine cause my family can read my sounds
HoneyWheeler HoneyWheeler Nov 11, 2016
One of the best movies ever. Romance, adventure, fighting, torture, pretty dresses, and no swearing. Perfect for all audiences
Oh yeah, I remember that movie. I had to watch it for school.
Baby me: (stares at Graham with big bloodshot eyes) NO SLEEP.
Thank God Chase isn't Graham here. It would make them scream like a banshee.
Baby me: (Picks 'The ring' when Graham is gone, and puts it in)
                              (When Graham got back, the bots were all cuddled up with each other shaking like a leaf, and I'm sitting there clapping my hands with Glee.)