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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Sarah By Zombii_gal Updated Jan 03


6th book in the gone unnoticed series

Ben is obsessed.

Since a young age, he's been told to check, check everything and don't fuck it up. 

To check and to organize so that's what he does.

Check, check, check, organize, repeat, repeat, repeat...

Every day he goes to the same spot, at the same time and does the same thing; and so does Maggie. 

Maggie's the same as Ben...

Obsessed with everything being perfect

She checks, checks, checks, organizes, repeats, repeats, and repeats...

What happens when you mix together two completely obsessed people?

You get a beautiful disaster of compulsive obsession.

~Trigger Warning~

XxRoyal_ElephantxX XxRoyal_ElephantxX Sep 17, 2016
OCD isn't just about being clean.. No one understands that it's more to it then everything being perfect