Im mated to who!?!?

Im mated to who!?!?

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Jean C. By XBlackAngelX Updated May 04, 2014

warning this has GxG so you know if ur old enough to read or not. also some BxB action

A girl (Ash- Ashley) is at high school when a new student (Mad- Maddy) shows up and flips her world upside down. werewolves have made them selves know and they can now take their mates freely. Ash's parents aren't happy but have to let her go. Ash loves to make Mad well mad and does this a lot, she fights back because she doesn't want anyone to control her life she wants to make the decisions but that is taken away when she meets Maddy . she fights her and does what ever she can to get free, and really fights when she finds out when she has another mate Mad's twin Eric. 
       when she meets her mates things go Wong and things are taken as well as given. can/ will Ash survive wants coming her way.

 this book is for mature people because it is a girl werewolf taking a girl mate if you don't like it don't read it ;D I write things other people wouldn't.

Renuka15 Renuka15 May 09, 2014
A few things need to be fixed but this is really good. Had me laughing throughout!
XBlackAngelX XBlackAngelX Jul 06, 2013
ya'll have to tell me if I should keep going because I don't fell like a lot of people like this story so I might just delete the book all together :( I haven't been able to write in this book because of boot camp and other activities so let me know if I should continue I will be uploading to day