My stepbrother..

My stepbrother..

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itscamillebabe15 By itscamillebabe15 Updated Jun 04, 2013


A tall man hovered over my helpless body, as I was tied down to a bed. I screamed and yelled on the top of my lungs. But nobody seemed to hear.

He has a blade in his hand, that was dangerously close to my stomach. 

My eyes shot open, and i realize I'm in my room. Jesus. It was just a dream.

I thought I was dead for a minute.

I got out of bed, I flipped my hair over putting it in a bun. Then headed downstairs.

"Morning Honey." My mom says. reading the newspaper.

"Morning mom." I say.

My stepdad wraps his arms around my mom's waist. 

"Did you tell her yet?" He whispers. 

"Tell me what?" I say.

"Cameron's visiting!" They both say together. 

I give my mom a look, almost telling her that I'm not happy about it at all. 

You have got to be kidding me. Me and Cameron are like oil and vinegar, cats and dogs, you name it. We do not get along well at all. Ugh.

The doorbell rings. 

My mom's eyes get wide and her smile gets bigger and bigger. 

She opens the door.  


love_an_angel22 love_an_angel22 Dec 31, 2014
This is an exact copy of another story. The only difference is the names. Its called My Step Brother is a Player and you should probably delete this.