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Juliet Coleman was said to have magic in her fingertips. Soldiers walked out of infirmaries as though they hadn't just been fatally wounded. Their lives were no longer hanging by a severed thread.

Tales of her became well known among the frontlines, but few saw her. She became an urban legend, a beautiful figment of deluded imaginations.

Bucky Barnes hadn't heard these stories until after he set his eyes upon her. That didn't stop him from being transfixed by the mysterious angel. 

But alas, war is a great demon upon young love. 

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So1Daf So1Daf May 10, 2016
yikes, i started singing the Sponge Bob theme song before i realized it was a Hamilton reference
gryffindor31 gryffindor31 Jun 30, 2016
then there's me 
                              *sees blood*
                              *has panic attack, pukes, chokes self, dies*
Averagecitygirl Averagecitygirl May 17, 2016
Why do guys always think girls are afraid of blood? Like COUGH periods COUGH