Lost Boy (Septiplier Short Story)

Lost Boy (Septiplier Short Story)

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*This is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VERSION OF PETER PAN! This is not the Disney Peter Pan, it is a mashup of multiple versions of Peter Pan that I put together and wrote the story for. So please don't expect the "normal" Peter Pan!*

(Mark and Peter are about 15, Amy is 9, and Lily is 6)

Mark awoke to a tapping and then a soft click. He turned over and watched as an odd figure crawled in from the window and over to his little sisters' beds. Mark jolted upward, tossing the blanket to the floor and marching over to the monster who was after my sisters.

"Hey! Get away from them!" Mark whisper shouted. He grabbed the monster's shoulder and turned it to face him, but he realized it was just a young boy that looked to be about his age. The boy seemed scared at first, like Mark had frightened him, but then he smirked.

"Hello!" He stepped away and explored the room. "My, you have a very nice bedroom." He danced about, jumping on top of dressers and running around. He was light on his feet and ...

My name is Jackie Pan, welcome to Neverleavingthisland where we will be lost boys forever
Why did it just occur to me now that Mark is Wendy? I am a stupe.
Allibino Allibino May 23
I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase. It changed the meaning.
                              Did you intend this?
                              One stroke and you've consumed my waking days!!!
Okay, I would like if his name was Peter Pan, yes, but he says "But everyone calls me Jack," so he at least is called Jack at some point
iloveGUACOMOLE5 iloveGUACOMOLE5 Dec 17, 2016
                              BELIEVE IN HIM AND BELIEVE IN ME!!
Jackie_Quinn Jackie_Quinn Nov 22, 2016
Ok so Jack is Peter....... I need to reread the description brb