The Beginning Of The End (Yato x Reader! Fem)

The Beginning Of The End (Yato x Reader! Fem)

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The Story Teller By JessicaLynas Updated Jul 17

You have been great friends with Hiyroi since you were both young kids! One day after school you and Hiyroi decided to hang out with each, you didn't realise how late it was and both of you start to walk home. Since both of you lived on the same street you both walked home together.

Both of you were just a couple of metres away from the street you both lived on when suddenly you get into a accident after you saved Hiyroi's life. But for you it was another story. Your hangs in the balance. 

But surprisingly you manage to survive with very few injuries but your life has been changed forever. You could see things what other people couldn't see and you were constantly tired. It was until a month later Hiyroi introduced you to a God called Yato and his regalia called Yukine! After only two weeks of knowing Yato you start to feel weird. 
But all of a sudden your life is changed even more. You get into another accident, this time not sparing your life!

My character has short hair.... oh well I'll just change the wording
YO ARE WE DYING ("🎵 say something I'm giving up on you 🎵")
My character has blue hair which is like... Well its pretty much Hatsune Miku's hair! She also has cute little bangs around her face! And she has green eyes!
My name is Lucy and one of the friends are called Lucy oh god