Good Night Sleep tight don't let the ZOMBIE bite!

Good Night Sleep tight don't let the ZOMBIE bite!

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slendahman By slendahman Updated Feb 15, 2014

In a world were living has to hide and the dead walk. A group of survivors come together to fight for there lifes. There just on problem they are complete opposite.  Rose and Dasie are looking for there 6 year old sister Lucy who Is believed to be dead. Revenge and Carma are twins that can't agree on anything.  Jason thinks everything funny and has no care in the world. Rihannalee is just trying to block out the world.....


Lucy is trying to survive and has no hope her sister will find her. Riley has nothing but hope. Hunter is in a crazy state and thinks its a time to die. Mike and his 2 daughters Brittany and Chana are trying to keep each other alive. Jake is trying to keep the last bit of mind everybody has. Carson is just trying to make it out alive in this world of hell and have fun why doing it.

What happened when they cross each other how will it end up. While meeting many other people along the wayas well as leaving some along the way.Zombies is not the only challenge that they face..