Sakura's sister . . . or is she?

Sakura's sister . . . or is she?

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Sarada's POV:

Six years old:

'Erm kid its time to get up,' Juu scolded, 'get up before your Mum starts screaming.' 

'Or before your idiot of a sister does,' I groaned at his words and groaned further when he screamed, 'just get up!' 

'Will you shut up?! I'm trying to sleep!' I mentally yelled making him go quiet.

"SARA GET UP!" I heard Mebuki yell from the kitchen making me groan and pull my pillow over my head. I felt Sakura's chakra come nearer and nearer to my room.

"Sara get up! Its school time!" She shouted in my ear and I sighed pushing the covers off my warm body.

"I'm up! I'm up! Sheesh!" I groggily pushed her out of my room. Not before I heard those words.

"You monster,"

'Don't listen to her, she's the monster,'

I shut the door and dressed in black shorts, tshirt and hoodie. I wrapped a bandage around my eyes because according to my sister I look like a 'freak'. I brushed my short hair and flattened my cat ears down.

I ran downstairs and threw on my backpack and ran...

I don't know why Sakura 's upset because she was the one who told her parents to give away her sister😡❣
Sakura is such a pest man does she have to meddle in everything
naruto40 naruto40 Nov 12, 2016
But ur the ones who wanted her to be gone in the first  place
Mystic Messenger anyone?  No? Okay then... *goes to the rom corner and turns on phone*
From 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye. First they say she's too precious, then they call her a demon... M'kay!
hydi-capa hydi-capa Dec 01, 2016
Like really sakura, you put them up to it and your crying your so fake