Sakura's sister . . . or is she?

Sakura's sister . . . or is she?

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Sarada's POV:

Six years old:

'Erm kid its time to get up,' Juu scolded, 'get up before your Mum starts screaming.' 

'Or before your idiot of a sister does,' I groaned at his words and groaned further when he screamed, 'just get up!' 

'Will you shut up?! I'm trying to sleep!' I mentally yelled making him go quiet.

"SARA GET UP!" I heard Mebuki yell from the kitchen making me groan and pull my pillow over my head. I felt Sakura's chakra come nearer and nearer to my room.

"Sara get up! Its school time!" She shouted in my ear and I sighed pushing the covers off my warm body.

"I'm up! I'm up! Sheesh!" I groggily pushed her out of my room. Not before I heard those words.

"You monster,"

'Don't listen to her, she's the monster,'

I shut the door and dressed in black shorts, tshirt and hoodie. I wrapped a bandage around my eyes because according to my sister I look like a 'freak'. I brushed my short hair and flattened my cat ears down.

I ran downstairs and threw on my backpack and ran...

Nyantart1 Nyantart1 Aug 15
I'm so confused like, she's crying.. bit she wanted Sarada to leave, this makes no sense
Loera-ci Loera-ci Apr 22 makes me confuse... What just happen with her?? 😣😣😣
Cometsky Cometsky Jul 28
I cringed when I heard the name "Rika". I haven't gotten that far into Mystic Messenger, but everyone keeps saying she's a b*tch so I don't know what to expect.
I don't know why Sakura 's upset because she was the one who told her parents to give away her sister😡❣
Sakura is such a pest man does she have to meddle in everything