Howl With Me [Werewolf, BoyxBoy]

Howl With Me [Werewolf, BoyxBoy]

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a_slave_to_love By a_slave_to_love Updated Dec 26, 2015

Parker ran faster and faster through the quiet and dangerous forest. He could see is own breath in front of him in small puffy clouds. It was the middle of winter and he was hunting for food to bring to his pack. Hunting was harder in the winter but they were running out of food and as the alpha it was his job to take care of his pack.

He was currently pursing a deer. To see a deer in the winter was very rare but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He's been chasing the deer for ten minutes now and the deer didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon. He knew had to make his final move before the deer got too far.

He pushed his feet faster and faster, he was gaining on the deer. He was getting closer and closer. The deer was at claws length. All he had to do was plunge and he would have the deer. He ran faster and raised his hind legs ready to strike. He took the leap..................

And fell short when he was suddenly hit with a strong aroma. He dropped on t...

whorecrux04 whorecrux04 Sep 27, 2017
                              SPINS A WEB,
                              WITH NO CLOTHES (idk either man)
                              IS AN ALPHA
                              CATCHES ROGUES 
                              LOOK OUT!
                              HER COMES THE SPIDER WOLF
BringOnTheBigBooks BringOnTheBigBooks Oct 25, 2017
                              I ship it
ohgodpleasewhy ohgodpleasewhy Mar 17, 2016
                              Sorry, that's all that went through my mind.
immortaleka immortaleka Feb 13, 2015
Why is he hunting alone?
                              Why would they have to hunt for food?
Cheeky_Leen Cheeky_Leen Apr 28, 2013
@a_slave_to_love oh I see what you mean, awee I guess its not always all happy endings then. Poor sammy
a_slave_to_love a_slave_to_love Apr 28, 2013
@Cheeky_Leen this is different from my other stories, it won't be lovey-dovey and cute all the time. Parker's character is an asshole and that's how it's suppose to be.