Manipulative (DISCONTINUED)

Manipulative (DISCONTINUED)

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C loves Zayn&Harry By corrynnj Completed

He's got him in the palm of his hand.

Closed in his fist, smashing all that he's worked for. His family, his job, his success and especially pride, all what was taken by the power of sex and the blindness caused by lust. 

But still

He comes running back to the boy on his knees pleading have him under him, entangled in the silk sheets. His moans are intoxicating, addicting for most but still the man chases begging for attention. Disregarding all consequences, he puts the boy first.

He knows the boy is no good.

Perhaps he just doesn't care. 



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Aria15Gain Aria15Gain Jul 14, 2017
Is it weird to love harry's character and his badass reply in this fanfic?!
MariaMe13 MariaMe13 Aug 24, 2017
He can only wrecke the home if your man lets him in so who is really at failt here
Eddie_Oppa Eddie_Oppa Aug 19, 2016
And this a 🙄 I ain't complaining. I shall accept and read on!
cupcake1Dlovaxx cupcake1Dlovaxx Sep 03, 2016
Oh my gosh Harry u lil whorreeeee, damn NARRY friendship be goals
isabella013 isabella013 May 19, 2016
                              All of the above what ypu've said is so not true!This book makes sense and it's really genuoenly good.
                              Please continue it
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Oct 18, 2015
Did you delete it before? Cause when I was going to read the story it was deleted. It's a good thing it's back up cause it sounds very interesting and naughty.