The ova and the sperm.

The ova and the sperm.

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You know when in relationship counselling when you are giving advice and the person asks, 
"In your relationship also same thing happens?"

"Uh oh I have never been in relationship."
Opposite person giving you weird looks.

Same thing is happening with poor Dr.Naaz Arora in Mumbai, psychiatrist  by profession and ignorant by experience.
And Ayushdeep poor guy never got time to look up from books,now working for microsoft company in Delhi and going through emotional blackmail of Indian mom.

"Sharmaji's brother's friend's sister's son has also got married you are 32 ,when you are getting married?" Ayushdeep *facepalm*
So it's cliché,but I like cliché!So yet another story about two people meeting,fighting and falling in love,BLAH!

Sparks happening between two strong headed people with different personalities,Ayushdeep Singh and Naaz Arora.

What will happen if relationship counsellor knows nothing about relationship and stuck with geeky engineer?

Arranged marriages in India I tell you,phew!

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