8 Years Then Forever

8 Years Then Forever

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Jade stands along with the crowd, distracted as she watches them hum, sway and sing along to a gloomy tune; Gabriel beside her and taking a hold of her hand so that Jade knew he was there. His hand feels warm to the touch but with the way her heart beat too quickly, it could be attributed to her fingers being too cold.

She shrugs and slips her hands out of his grip, "I'm fine." she whispers quietly in his direction. Despite being surrounded by her family, her mind was somewhere far, far away from the church that she was in. It was lost and trapped in a time and place a few months ago where her life was changed forever.

"Althea? I'm home!" the woman called out as soon as she steps through the threshold, like she had always done everyday, before shrugging off her damp coat. It had been raining hard the past few days and with relentless nagging from her girlfriend, Jade finally agreed to bring a coat and umbrella with her to work.

Unsure if she had missed an answer from the woman, J...

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