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Pee John By JINNAUGUST Updated Sep 10, 2015


Written by
Chai Ji Dan

Wang Qing as Chi Cheng, Feng Jian Yu as Wu Suowei, Chen Qiushi as Jiang Xiao Shuai, Cai Zhao as Gou Cheng Yu, Zhang Jiexi as Yue Yue

Wu Suowei is a pitiful human being. He was dumped by his girlfriend because of his poverty, incapability and horrible fashion sense. Resolutely, he decided to start a business to gain back his confident.

However, the path is not easy and it is full with stumbling blocks.

He tried everything but he ended up getting kicked by the city management, send to the police station and he even get caught by the police traffic when he was providing illegal driving service. Ironically, he was caught by the same officer (Chi Cheng) each and every time he broke the law.

The most appalling is that his former girlfriend is laughing at him when she saw him with her new boyfriend, Chi Cheng. Wu Suowei starts to get suspicious if Chi Cheng is pinpointing on him because of Yue Yue. Wu Suowei then decided to seduce Chi Cheng, lure Chi Cheng to woo him to counterattack his girlfriend.

First off shut your rude as up second I’m poor because your probably spent all my money skanky outfits third so what if I did gain a lil weight 😂 I lost it already tf🙄
Janetduhig Janetduhig Sep 10, 2015
I love this series so having the novel too is awesome x keep going