The Suggestion Box (Volume 1)

The Suggestion Box (Volume 1)

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Once upon a time... I ran an interactive series on my blog, called "The Suggestion Box", where followers could submit lists containing only a name, a place, a time, and an object. I then took the list and generated some kind of written piece from it. After receiving enough entries, I compiled all the lists into one continuous serial story.

Our story begins with a simple visit to the countryside of Victorian England. An impromptu decision begins a legacy of consequences that extends many centuries into the future:

Two spinsters running a boarding house discover evidence of a possible murderer on the property; 

a young woman seeking a fresh start on the streets of 1980's San Francisco finds unexpected love in the unlikeliest of places; 

a mother's attempts at keeping her daughter safe are thwarted in a single afternoon, and the two of them are thrust into a labyrinth of clues and riddles that lead to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries known to man; 

and finally, a voyage across the galaxy to investigate a fledgling extraterrestrial colony goes fatally awry...

You never know what might be coming next in the Suggestion Box.

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- - Jul 15, 2016
Hey!! I just happened to catch our button on your cover. I put this in our adventure list since it seems to combine genre's. Please let me know if you would like it on a different reading list. :-) thanks!!