Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU)

Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU)

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Imagine Dean, the playboy of your school and once good friend, hooking up with every girl but being interested only in you. Although you are in a secret relationship with your teacher Mr. Castiel Novak. 

A/N: The imagine kind of gives a lot away, but yeah. Also, changed Dean to Jensen because that's how I've been asked to do it. Not that it makes a big difference. Jensen's character is a lot similar to that of Dean, just like it happens with the rest of the characters included. It still is Jensen though. 

Also this is actually really AUish (still believable I hope) so I don't think anybody would have a problem that it is real life people...? Even if you do, well, don't worry. I mostly focus on Supernatural characters on this blog, so yeah. This is set on High School and many years ago and yeah, you get it I guess.

The actors are simply used as characters, guys. It is after all a fanfiction.