Get 'em Jonny Boy

Get 'em Jonny Boy

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SUMMER SKYE By summersum1 Completed

Based in GTA5

Evan (Vanoss) and his friends are all millionaires. 

Jonathan (H20Delirious) is a poor man, his family killed from a brutal murder, all his family money stolen. 

Evan one of the worlds must wanted criminals, never gets caught. 

Jonathan only steals to live but always gets caught. 

Will Evan, Tyler, Craig, lui, Brock, Brian, Marcel, and David meet Jonathan. 

Will they all become friends or will they become enemy's. 

Will they live in peace, or will hell break loose. 

Will love corrupt there minds, or will the walls they all put up be to strong and tall to break down. 

Will Evan and Jonathan be able to become friends, or maybe more. 

Warning: Bad language, murder, crime, maybe smut (if you want).

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MuscleSeagull MuscleSeagull Sep 21, 2017
After the song of 'these girls' this song just popped out xD
IShipGayStuffXD IShipGayStuffXD Sep 03, 2017
                              Phew another job well done
DickCuntes DickCuntes Aug 21, 2017
Hey mister owl, how many links does it take to get to the center of Jonathan's tootsie pop?
Now I wanna be Nogla for Halloween... Wearing his adult diaper and paper bag while kids are asking me why I'm wearing the paper bag 😂😂😂
crazykittyt crazykittyt Feb 05
Why am I imagining David saying. " JERRY CAN FOR DA WIN BOYS!"
MuscleSeagull MuscleSeagull Sep 21, 2017
Is hellamchopper in the dictionary ? Hmmm
                              -looks up-
                              Oh yeah there is a hellamchoper xD