Get 'em Jonny Boy

Get 'em Jonny Boy

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Based in GTA5

Evan (Vanoss) and his friends are all millionaires. 

Jonathan (H20Delirious) is a poor man, his family killed from a brutal murder, all his family money stolen. 

Evan one of the worlds must wanted criminals, never gets caught. 

Jonathan only steals to live but always gets caught. 

Will Evan, Tyler, Craig, lui, Brock, Brian, Marcel, and David meet Jonathan. 

Will they all become friends or will they become enemy's. 

Will they live in peace, or will hell break loose. 

Will love corrupt there minds, or will the walls they all put up be to strong and tall to break down. 

Will Evan and Jonathan be able to become friends, or maybe more. 

Warning: Bad language, murder, crime, maybe smut (if you want).

Suddenly wind is like surprise b!tch! And knocks the paper bag of his face.
It's GTA anything is possible, so I am ok with this focking of the logic.
Wait. Slim shady? I tot it was sugar baby? Am I tripping or am I just dumb lol
Only these guys would laugh and make jokes after murdering cops and robbing a bank.
Yeah I'm slim shady the real slim shady all you other slim shadys are just impersonating so won't the real slim shady, please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.
Oh I see. There is a split personality thing going on here. *Sits with fist against chin, intreaged*