Get 'em Jonny Boy

Get 'em Jonny Boy

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SUMMER SKYE By summersum1 Completed

Based in GTA5

Evan (Vanoss) and his friends are all millionaires. 

Jonathan (H20Delirious) is a poor man, his family killed from a brutal murder, all his family money stolen. 

Evan one of the worlds must wanted criminals, never gets caught. 

Jonathan only steals to live but always gets caught. 

Will Evan, Tyler, Craig, lui, Brock, Brian, Marcel, and David meet Jonathan. 

Will they all become friends or will they become enemy's. 

Will they live in peace, or will hell break loose. 

Will love corrupt there minds, or will the walls they all put up be to strong and tall to break down. 

Will Evan and Jonathan be able to become friends, or maybe more. 

Warning: Bad language, murder, crime, maybe smut (if you want).

*stands up before slowly sitting back down three seconds later*
eroach01 eroach01 Jul 11
I know it's late but I've literally read this 9,000 times.(ive counted lol) this book is the best by the way!
roserade39 roserade39 Jul 04
Is it sad that I know this episode from along time ago?
We ride together, we work on our thighs together...
                              We die together. I mean. We ride together...
                              Nope that's it we just die.
Dev4Days Dev4Days Aug 08
I find it funny that he didn't even say thank you....
                              Delirious you ungrateful twat
Spamacc4me Spamacc4me Jul 18, 2016
It's GTA anything is possible, so I am ok with this focking of the logic.