fit for royalty 2: down for it all

fit for royalty 2: down for it all

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August is bae By kreed91 Updated Jan 07, 2016

2 years later

--Carson P.O.V--

"Kj please stop splashing"i say to my son kameron junior aparently the night before he died that shit worked cause he came out nine months later. 

Kennedy was 3 and she was a cory's girl she loved her cousin she stayed by him

We still lived in this apartment i actually came to love it

Ka was now 5 years old going on 6 she is so big now and she is a mommy's girl i love that little girl like she was my own 

Lina and monkey had my niecey pooh malaysia she is the cutest little thing she looks like lina so much

Deron and khadi had dj he looked just like deron ugly ass except he was cute and he was my nephew 

Cory is now 17 he grew into a young man he takes care of us well yeah and he goes to school i am now 20 and i got a job at a womans health center for like abuse and stuff its like a rescue or shelter i love working there.

I finally came to the terms that kameron is gone about a year ago i still love him and because of that i still havent moved on ...

_BadgalJojo_23 _BadgalJojo_23 Mar 31, 2017
Wtf......they actin like she fuckin him she said it was a friend
_BadgalJojo_23 _BadgalJojo_23 Mar 31, 2017
I been knew dat......cuz in the other book he aqud some scorching fell on his chesta nd he coughed and when his eyes closed he felt somebody pull hin out the fure but he aint know who it was
OriginalMeKyla OriginalMeKyla Aug 24, 2016
that's how my lil cousin is after he take a bath like boy at least put on some drawls 😂😂😭
fajminaj fajminaj Sep 28, 2015
It looked weird like it had numbers and codes and i couldnt understand what it was saying is there any way i could send u a paic
JasminedGraves JasminedGraves Sep 26, 2015
Yall cant get mad at her for just wanting a friend but i guess they forever team kam she already depressed n yall yelling at her like that aint helping