Wave of Gay (Frerard and Kid Petekey)COMPLETED

Wave of Gay (Frerard and Kid Petekey)COMPLETED

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mike wazOWski By SunshineCellabration Completed

*the fic that doesn't care about ages in the slightest and I still don't know if it's Pikey or Petekey*

The Way brothers weren't competitive, not in the slightest.
Even in how gay they were.
Because Gerard was clearly the winner.

The adventures of Gee and Frankie spreading the gay to the middle school in BelleVille.

PDA is A-Okay when spreading the important message of how great it is to be a flaming homo.

When the gayest 13 year old in New Jersey also meets Mikey the gay spreads like wildfire.

BelleVille better brace itself for the wave of gay.

*fair warning this fic has so many opinionated messages about consent and all that V V V IMPORTANT STUFF*

Kobra-Killjoy Kobra-Killjoy Dec 15, 2016
but my friend will be mad when he can't hold his boyfriends dick *collective sigh*
At my school most girls are like Donald Trump orange and then there's me, who looks whiter than freaking paper. Yeah, I get picked on for it quite frequently.
scarletsoldiers scarletsoldiers Dec 17, 2016
I almost fell off my bed and hit the table my brother was writing on
I'm in the car with my parents and I'm trying so hard not to laugh
Kobra-Killjoy Kobra-Killjoy Dec 15, 2016
*cough* hes actually 5'6" *cough* short but also kinda not i guess