The Bad Boy is my Neighbor?

The Bad Boy is my Neighbor?

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chris19tina By chris19tina Updated Jul 05, 2016

Meet Nicole Santana.
Quiet, pretty, kind, rich, and nerdy. She has long, brown, wavy hair and brown eyes. She's basically perfect. She grew up in a perfect family with perfect grades and honestly just perfect everything. I guess you could call her a goody goody.

Meet Alec King.
Loud, hot, rude, and couldn't care less about anything. He has dark hair and blue/green eyes. He's not exactly perfect. He doesn't have a perfect family or perfect grades and his life isn't exactly perfect. He just lives his life how he wants. I guess he's what you would call a bad boy.

Nicole Santana just moved across town to a smaller town called Point Pleasant, New Jersey. But what Nicole doesn't know is that she has just moved into a house next door to the school's bad boy, Alec King. And not just next door, their bedroom windows are directly across from one another. Talk about cliche.

What will happen when these two different worlds collide? Will love overpower them both or will their egos get the best of them? Find out by reading 'The Bad Boy is my Neighbor?'.

Pleas don't copy my story,cover, or character names. I do not copy from anyone else and neither should you. If you see my story anywhere besides on my profile please inform me as soon as possible! Sorry if there's anything in my book similar to another, I honestly don't copy from anyone else and I'm sorry if some part of my story may seem that way! I promise you that I don't mean it because this is my original story! Anyways.....happy reading!!!

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AlexisCanzoneri AlexisCanzoneri Jul 20, 2017
The Bad Boy Stole My Bra is exactlyyyyy like this. But it's cool.😅
devin_quubes devin_quubes Nov 20, 2017
I thought that said apple then started singing apple bottom jeans boots with the fur 😂😂
- - Jan 15
Yup that would be me except that no hot guy/girl would ever talk to me and btw i can eat a burger in five minuteslol
beyondlifeadventures beyondlifeadventures Jun 24, 2016
This story is like the bad boy stole my bra so far but im gettin to like it.
AuthorAnnieWrites AuthorAnnieWrites Apr 03, 2016
See I was suspicious but now I know
                              Someone's read the bad boy who stole my bra
                              But it's okay because I love this so far