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Georgina DeBurca By adeacia Updated a year ago
Tips with advice on all things writing related.
oh, thank you. I always fine myself struggling to find another word for 'said' and this helps a lot.(:
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    note all the !!!!!!!!!!!
                                    because seriously this is a huge help.
                                    nobody likes "hey" she said
                                    "hi" he said
                                    "whats up" she said...ect.
this is really useful, sometimes i find myself sitting there thinking oh great another damn he said she said then i sit there for ages trying to think of something else to use. these will def come in handy!! thanks!
You. Are. Awesome. I normally don't have a big problem with this, but sometimes I feel like "yelled" or "hollared" are enough to describe what is happening. I'm already using this (and looking up the definitions since I'm not familiar with all of them) and I really appreciate it!
                                    Janine Mimi
wow! this is so helpfull usually i google different ways or words to say for one word in particular n that takes for ever u are soooo helpfull and im very greatfull for this as everyone else seems to be too. your such a big help thankyou very much!!!!! XD
I like this =) It's useful and easy to copy and paste the link to people who could use the help in that area =P