4 Overprotective Brothers

4 Overprotective Brothers

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Chocolate baby By mettamettafarkle Updated Jul 28, 2017

Jayda imani Cole pov

Right now I'm trying to let what My dad, Jason, is telling me sink in! Let me let you in on my situation. 

Soooo I'm 14, and all 14 years of my life I've only had one parent and that's my mom. while elsewhere he's been living a rich lifestyle with his other family and only sent child support. My mom passed away yesterday morning and I've been at the police station ever since , while grieving, and waiting patiently since he's my NOW legal guardian. He's come to pick me up and has let me know that he's engaged , and has 4 sons. I just have the best life ever right?

Jason: Jayda? say something...

me: are you kidding me? what do you want me to say?  

Jason: I don't know. nothing I guess , nevermind. uhh, are you ready to go ? 

me: yes ? 

Jason: come on .

he grabbed my bags and didn't even bother to tell the police he was picking me up. The whole ride we didn't speak. I'm glad we didn't though , because we have nothing to talk about ! He hasn't seen me in years ...

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Jaszlyn_Official Jaszlyn_Official Jul 06, 2016
wait a second I read a book EXACTLY like this everything that happened in that one happened in this one so far name and everything what's going on