Some people hide deep secrets that if revealed will change lives. Scarly and Erma are no exception.

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KenMccarthy8 KenMccarthy8 Sep 01, 2015
You are an amazing young woman and what your family lacked  in financial  resources  they provided you  with love and pride. Your perseverance and education in life along with your academic degree  prepared you well for great success. Best wishes with all of your goals.
maryltabor maryltabor Jul 02, 2015
Well done @SecretLivesofAmericans and @SallySlater with heartfelt kudos to Erma and to the courage of PIVOT TV with this admirable, inspiring series! V.
tg7angel tg7angel Jul 02, 2015
I love this part because it reminds me of the history of America :)