Welcome To Camp Tenebris

Welcome To Camp Tenebris

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Molly By writingourdreams Updated Feb 23, 2013

"There were two things that Ethan Scott disliked; long journeys and dicks. And fortunately for him, the bus ride to Camp Tenebris seemed to have both. Ethan also hated punishment and injustice, both of which were waiting for him once the bus parked, which made him think that maybe the bus ride would be the best part of this experience."

- Welcome To Camp Tenebris: Where We're The Worst Of The Worst.

Camp Tenebris, the place for misfit kids who've done something bad, but are too young to be locked up. So why is Ethan Scott, the socially awkward seventeen year old who feels guilty when he steps on a spider, stuck here? Because Elara Summers, that's why.

Ethan finds himself thrown into an enviroment filled with murderers, thieves and rapists who could probably kill him in an instant, though soon finds out that they're probably the least of his troubles when he figures out what really happens in the five storey building that looms over the cabins.

  • camp
  • cussing
  • desert
  • evil
  • murderers
  • romance
  • survival
  • violence

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