Love Is Never A Happy Ending.

Love Is Never A Happy Ending.

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Savannah W. By WriteLoveOnHerArms Updated Sep 07, 2010

One special girl makes a perilous journey to a place noone would dare to go. The stories tell of people getting sent there, and never coming out. But know that shes there, shes faced with the hardest task of all, remembering who she is.

 Raylan, a warrior comes to save her, but as the 2 of them go on there journey to return home, revalations about what there really up against, and about there own lifes come out. 

They both think they know who the other is, but each is hiding there own lethal secret.

These two brave souls have to face there worst fears, and they have to overcome there dangerous attraction to each other, its deadly to them both, in more ways than one…