The Bad Boy Wants to Rescue Me? (Wattys2016)

The Bad Boy Wants to Rescue Me? (Wattys2016)

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Calla Winters has had it rough. Her mother and herself are just skin and bones, deep in poverty and on an endless, down winding route. Calla struggles to keep going, with her senior year about to commence it's the first time she has been to school in almost nine years. Her father is dead as a result of unpaid drug dealers and she must forever live in the shadow of his existence.

Enter Kai Montgomery. He's something else completely. Part of a well-known gang, races cars illegally, has a huge bank account and parents that ignore him. To everybody at school he's to be left alone, but Calla has a hunch that there's more to him than he likes to let on. When the two become something more than friends, Kai decides that Calla needs his help. Everything's perfect until parts of his hidden lifestyle start to interfere with their relationship and Calla is used as bait.

Turns out that not every secret that Kai has kept is true, and that life isn't as easy as he thinks.

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TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon Aug 15, 2017
That's so hurtful. But I know one time i walked into gym glass and was the only girl that wasnt in single difits pants sizes and the teaxher callled me out and i ran to the bathroom crying. So instead of a bully triggering the continuous bulling it was my gym teacher
CarlyGatton CarlyGatton Jul 04, 2017
I can have a shower or bath every day if I wanted to but I'm really sick and hate to leave my bed so I only actually bathe like once every two weeks and I'm not even like dirty or anything and I don't understand what's so important about taking a shower EVERY day
0hcalamityy 0hcalamityy Jun 06, 2016
This is such a good story so far!!! The best one I've read!!! You are such a good written with your wording and have a ton of potential!!!
Crazy-and-Deranged Crazy-and-Deranged Sep 14, 2016
It's funny you named him Kai cause my dogs name is Kai and my crushes name is Kai
ggzzjj ggzzjj Dec 25, 2016
I knew a girl that was like this that went to my school and was only skin and bones and always asked for food so I started bringing extra money for her so she could eat
Nae_Albert Nae_Albert Sep 29, 2016
Wow. This is just, I feel like an ungrateful bitch right now. I love this so much