Three Guys, One Girl... Life Isn't Fair

Three Guys, One Girl... Life Isn't Fair

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Manda By AmandaVictoriaCecilia Updated Aug 03, 2011

"Nelly, we've been in college for two weeks and you still haven't hooked up with at least one guy!" Jaina said as we sat at the crowded bar of the club.

"I'll find Mr. Right," I told her calmly, taking a sip of my beer.

"Yeah when you're forty," Kimmy laughed.

"C'mon you guys.  Its only been two weeks and we have the entire year!" I told them.

"Oh, hottie with a body, three o'clock," Jaina whispered loudly to us with a smile and a wink toward Kimmy.

"He totally just checked you out Nelly," Kimmy squealed.

"C'mon guys.  He did not!"

"Oh he did!" Kimmy grinned.  I rolled my eyes.  They pushed me toward him and I stumbled off my chair.  I send them a pleading look but walk toward him anyway.  What could be the harm right?

"Hi!" I tried yelling above the music.

"Hi!" he yelled back but after hearing his high pitched voice I couldn't help but laugh.  I stumbled back to the girls as they looked at me confused.

"Back so soon?" Jaina asked.

"He was gay!" I continued to laugh.

"He w...

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